Why Rush Delta Sig?

"Joining a fraternity has a lot of unseen benefits. Would you like to be a leader, make a difference to your campus and community, or even improve your grades? As Vice President of Recruitment and Alpha class initiate, I can personally assure you that a fraternity is not seen the way it should be by the general population. This fraternity has allowed me to want to become a leader in not only my fraternity but other organizations on campus. Delta Sigma Phi has devoted itself to changing the image of fraternities worldwide. This national organization has given me opportunities I would have never thought of and allowed me to people I would have otherwise never seen. We are not a group of party animals, academic slackers, or community heathens. Instead we are better men here at Texas State University reaching out to others to give them an opportunity to change their lives."


-Braden Speer



Questions? Contact our VP of Recruitment

Braden Speer 361.212.0822 bcs86@txstate.edu