The Texas State University chapter of Delta Sigma Phi was re-instated during the Spring 2016 academic semester. Since then we have completely rebuilt the chapter’s operations, standards and brotherhood. Our journey has brought obstacles and challenges that we overcame with the dedication of our brothers. 


We have decided as a chapter to shift our focus to connecting to Delta Sig alumni in the area to further the alumni’s experience with Delta Sig and better our member’s experience through alumni’s experience. Our plan is to reach out to alumni in the area and invite them to our chapter activities to meet the brothers of the Texas State University chapter. We believe that alumni engagement can positively impact our chapter culture and individual brothers. 


We have been able to accomplish several things throughout our short life at Texas State University. Our local philanthropic efforts have generated over 800 jars of peanut butter and over 700 dollars to benefit children who need to be provided food on the weekends. We set a standard for every brother to have 15 hours of community service per semester so that we are maximizing our impact in the community. We continuously stay true to the values of Delta Sigma Phi and take the necessary steps to guarantee that our chapter continues for many years to come. 


Our chapter has also been able to plan and execute safe social, brotherhood and campus engagement events. We always jump through all of the hoops put forth by the university to guarantee the safety of our brothers and guests. We follow these guidelines not only to protect our chapters, but also to guarantee that everyone has a positive experience with whatever event we are hosting. 


The role that you, as an alumnus, can play in our chapter is to give us your contact information so that our alumni chair can keep you informed, so that you can be as involved as you wish. We have already established an Advisory Team that works directly with the executive board and some chairmen. If you wish to serve our chapter by giving guidance to our members because you have professional experience to benefit the chapter, please let us know. We would love your support and involvement at your own pace and to the magnitude of your desires. 



Travis Walker 

2018 Chapter President – Delta Sigma Phi – Theta Eta Chapter